Flowers, Forests & Wildlife

Sri Lanka has a colossal amount of Flowers, Forestry and wildlife. Being  ‎65,610 km, Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian ocean,It has a coastline of 1,340 km  32% of the country is also covered in forest and green scenery perfect for capturing the perfect Instagram photo. With the oldest record of recorded wildlife, Sri Lanka has 143 Mammals, 177 species of reptile, 140 species of amphibians, 227 species of birds and 93 species of freshwater fish.

Elephants are one of the countries most known attraction. 8% of the country is reserved as a national parks which invest in caring and maintaining for the Elephants, and also other wildlife animals. The Asian elephant is one of the animals in Sri Lanka which is vulnerable and close to extinction.

Along with the Macaca monkey, Leopard and the sloth bear. A safari trip can be arranged by your hotel to a national park. Where you can visit these animals, and also ride the elephants. The best place to view elephants and leopards is Yala national park and the Udawala National park. There are a large number of animals within these national parks.

The best place to see what species of bird Sri Lanka has to offer is Chundikulam bird sanctuary. It has been a bird sanctuary since 1938. Many tourists say that this reserve is the best place to see intimate and spontaneous bird moments. The spontaneity continues as many fishing cats, jungle cats and sloth bears also appear during tourist visits. Another great place to watch birds and go on safari is Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary – Bird Watching & Nature Safari. The safari last about 2-3 hours.

With nearly 100 species of fish, Sri Lanka has a very diverse aquatic life. Sri Lanka is surrounded by sea and aquatic wildlife.  They have more than 100 rivers and amazing waterfalls to entertain any water fan. Sri Lanka offers sea expeditions to see dolphins and whales on the coast of the island. Sri Lanka has 5/8 of the worlds turtle species.  The turtles are regular visitors of the southwestern and eastern beaches and are best seen at night. Turtle viewings are one of the best attractions in Sri Lanka and its one of the cheapest.

Along the coat of Mirrisa, sri Lanka has boat tours for tourist to watch and spot whales. For £55 the tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the coat to meet the boat guide who will take you out to see to watch whales and other amazing fish

Sri Lanka has beautiful sceneries, forestry and beaches. Much of the island is covered in forest and mountains but one of the countries most famous rain forest is the Sinharaja, home to a large number of endemic species. The forest is located in the southern provinces of Sri Lanka. Trip adviser offer a 5 hour forest walking and bird watching session,With car or van transfer from Coloumbo starting at £50 per person.







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